That’s how it works.

Usually a new client gets a quotation based on the request and after approval this is the common procedure:

  • First call: Let’s talk via Skype about your wishes and expectations. That’s where we gather all the details we need to create the perfect solution for you. By the way, this call is free of charge.
  • Offer: Following the call, we will send you a quotation, and it’s up to you to make a decision.
  • First drafts: Some days after our first call and upon accepting our offer, you will receive the first drafts. Usually, you’ll have between 5 and 8 different drafts to choose from, making it a tough choice for you. At this stage, we aim to define the direction. Based on your favorites, we will proceed with the design process.
  • First decisions: We are getting closer to the decision-making process. At this stage, you’ll receive drafts to choose your favorite design. After selecting your design, we will creat the master design and provide mock-ups for the different areas of use, such as crew wear, porcelain, towels, or whatever you have in mind.
  • Approval: you approve your future design
  • Delivery: Upon approving your design, we will generate and provide all kinds of different data formats (PNG, JPG, EPS, etc.) for your further use.
  • If you have decided to order further designed equipment with us, we will choose the quality and requirements with you and send you specific quotations.
  • Production and delivery of equipment are the last stages, and you will be ready to set sails. Whenever you’d like to reorder or use anything else, we will be available for you.

Example of a creation process

“Kkoum” was the name chosen by the owners. According to their briefing the following shows the process from draft until finish.

First drafts and elements

The elements were combined, colours developed and tested. (yes, there are many requirements for the colour management)

Accurate delineation of shapes, colors, and elements

The most exciting moment: The delivery. The design in reality. 

Whatever equipment the owner wants. All in 100 % genuine Kkoum design. 

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